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2/8/2016 - Looks like the International rates are working except that there is no Box or Priority discount to Mexico. The Domestic and International rates have gone up so the shipping rates have been adjusted to that fact. The Domestic shipping rates have been switched to the Comercial rates so there is a little savings there specially in Priority shipping, it looks like I cannot print Commercial rate postage for First Class shipments for International shipments from PayPal so no savings there.  Thanks for your patience. 

2016 Postal Holidays, days on which order shipping is not possible.

Please note that most parts are discounted at Qty of 3, 5, 10, and 25.

At http://files.k5nwa.com/tpp you will find data and application notes on the current parts and parts I'm considering adding to this website. Right click on the file of interest and select save.


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Test Model
47F 25V Cap
22uF 25V Cap
10uF 25V Cap
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